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Week 1- June 10-14 – All About Me

This theme encourages us to learn more about one another and our backgrounds. From our favorite colors, to our favorite family member.  Your child will play interactive games to learn more about new and old friends.  We will also engage in many learning games and crafts such as a family tree.

Week 2- June 17th- 21st- Jurassic Park

This theme brings the excitement of the prehistoric world to life for kids. They can learn about dinosaurs, create their own fossil projects, and participate in Jurassic-themed activities and games.

Week 3- June 24th- 28th – Music Fest


Music Fest: This theme allows kids to explore the world of music, from learning about different instruments to participating in a mock music festival. They might learn about famous musicians and create their own music-themed art projects.

Week 4- July 1st-5th – Fireworks - Stars & Stripes

(Center closed Thursday and Friday)

We're going to have a week dedicated to honoring our nation on Independence Day! We will have lots of outdoor play. Red, white, and blue crafts and games to end the week maybe even a pie eating contest!

Week 5- July 8th-12th – Space Expedition

Space Expedition: Kids can blast off into outer space with this theme, learning about the solar system, creating space-themed art projects, and participating in space-themed games and activities.

Week 6- July 15th-19th –Nature Explorers

Nature Explorers: This theme allows kids to get outside and learn about the natural world. They might participate in nature hikes, learn about plants and animals, and create nature-themed art projects.

Week 7- July 22nd- 26th – Water Wonders

Water Wonders: This theme allows kids to have fun in the water and learn about water safety. They might participate in water sports like swimming and Splash park fun, and learn about ocean conservation and all the animals that live in the water.


Week 8- July 29th- August 2nd – Sports Mania

(Parents vs Kids basketball August 2nd)

Sports Mania: In this theme, kids can try their hand at a variety of sports and physical activities. They might learn new sports skills, participate in team-building activities, and have fun getting active.

Week 9- August 5th-9th –Great Outdoors

Great Outdoors: This theme allows kids to get outside and explore the natural world. They might participate in nature hikes, learn about plants and animals, and have fun getting active in the great outdoors.


Week 10- August 12th -16th – Magic and Illusion

Magic and illusion: Campers at a magic-themed camp could have the opportunity to learn magic tricks and put on performances.

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